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Craig Randall is a Music Producer and Mixer with decades of experience in Studio and Live Sound. Most likely you're here because you need a producer or mixer so listen to Craig's work here on this page or you can go to About or Services for more info or get in touch to talk about your project.

                                                                                     Before and After

                                                                "Before"- Artist's original conception

                                                                "After"-  Craig's production

                                                                  *Mixing examples further down page

Listener's Caution Note: Music in the Mixed by Craig player below consists of an extremely wide range of music genres  (i.e. NYHC to Love Ballad to Hardcore Techno to Hip Hop Jazz to Americana-20 examples) If you click on something you don't like-simply go to the next one.


Click to see who Craig's worked with in the Studio or Live 

At an internship in NYC at a unique recording studio named SRS back in the analog tape days, Craig learned engineering, mixing, production, etc and had constant exposure to a wide range of music and musicians. After becoming an engineer, his client base grew and repeated requests from clients led to a focus on producing.

 While in NYC he fronted his own band and played various instruments in other bands as well. 

Working as a live sound engineer at practically every major (and not so major) club in Manhattan, he was “house sound man” at Limelight NYC from 1989-96 where he mixed regional, national and international acts from every genre, and was also responsible for supervising the stage crew and maintaining all of the audio systems throughout the vast (and notorious) nightclub.

 Extensive experience gives Craig the ability to approach any given project from all sides. With expertise in live sound and studio production/recording, he has a diverse range of talents as a producer/engineer/mixer/musician and writer. He designed, built and ran his own studio in NYC called Brass Giraffe where he produced and recorded a diversity of artists from Dee Dee Ramone to Toshi Reagon to the first album by Glassjaw. Although still doing live sound, Craig is now focused on producing  and mixing.

Click to see who Craig's  worked with in the Studio or Live



Audio Produced/Recorded or Mixed by Craig



Craig works on different facets of music production depending on what the client/artist requests. Although the services are defined below, it’s common for Craig to work in all three areas simultaneously.


The song is the boss : As little or as much (production) as you want/need is
Craig’s main starting point when approaching a project to produce. Be it a song or a complete album. Experience is what helps Craig determine what the best route to realizing the artists goals is. Whether its a single solo artist with their acoustic guitar, or a full band- Picking the songs- arrangement, instrumentation, whatever is necessary to make it happen. Check out the "Before and After" examples at the top of this page.

 Mixing : The role of “the mixer ” is an essential creative partner in the process of making music.

 Send me your stems, individual tracks, project etc with pertinent notes such as “I want tons of reverb on the lead vocal like the reference song I sent you" or "I want the lead vocal bone dry with absolutely no reverb or fx period!” - but make my song sound good!

Craig then mixes your project.

Production Mixing : 

The role of “the mixer ” is an essential creative partner in the process of making music.

Whats the difference between this and plain "mixing"? Only done at the request of the client/artist, it’s making use of Craig's experience as a mixer/producer/musician to make recommendations about what might make the song better. Some examples might be: making the song shorter, making the intro shorter, muting a busy rhythm part that distracts from the vocal, to name a few. When working with a client repeatedly, often a relationship is developed where a production recommendation may be sought after by the artist based on the trust developed between the artist and the mixer (Craig). Or transversely - the artist might say :”There’s a lot of stuff going on in this track- too much, so Craig I trust you to sort it out”.

Sometimes during the mix process you get to hear the song in different variations  ie while working on drums and bass with just the lead vocal  it might sound so good that the verse is best with no other instruments.

Click to see who Craig's  worked with in the Studio or Live

More services: Mastering, Editing, Pitch Correction,Time Correction Etc

 **and more on Live Sound Services and related coming soon.



Get in touch to talk about your project or feel free to ask questions about songs ,services etc or to comment on same.

Thanks for submitting!


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